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The Cookies we use

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Below we detail each cookie, the domain to which it belongs and the duration of it:

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Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, one of the most popular and reliable web analysis tools, which helps us to understand how our website is used and how to improve it. These cookies monitor parameters such as how long people spend on our website, the most visited pages and how they found the website. Visit the official Google website for more information on Google Analytics cookies.

Embedded content

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The Facebook “like” button:

We use this feature to enable people to follow our Facebook page in a convenient manner.

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The Twitter “tweet” button:

We use this feature to enable people to share our content on their Twitter account easily.

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This enables you to access our Twitter account quickly. See the Twitter cookies policy

YouTube videos:

Some of our pages contain embedded YouTube videos.

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This enables you to access our Youtube channel quickly. See the YouTube cookies policy

Control and blocking of Cookies

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